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Throughout the long history of mankind, many cultures counted their year as beginning in the spring. Spring was about rebirth. A fresh start. A new beginning at growing a garden, making plans, and exploring this beautiful world that we share. Spring is when possibilities come to life.

Mark Berkery stuns us, as usual, with his heart-achingly-beautiful photos of the tiny creatures which keep our world growing. The Orange Tail Rein Bee is tiny - delicate - and we know how fragile the bee population is right now. The photo reminds us to care for those tiny beings who are so necessary to our web of life.

Lee Evans bring us this same powerful insight with his poem On the Beaten Path. His encounter with an injured bird causes him to take stock of just how much he has to be grateful for.

In fiction, Lucille Margaret Robinson creates an emotionally gripping story of a young girl striving to make sense of her tangle of a world. All around us are innocent children caught in unhealthy situations. We should strive to be aware and reach out that hand.

And in non-fiction, Aileen bravely shares with us what it was like to grow up with trauma which led to "voices" in her head - separated personalities which was her young mind's last-resort attempt to cope with something beyond endurance.

I am humbled and awed by what our contributors have shared with us. Each artist reminds us to open our eyes, to be aware of this endless universe we inhabit, and to nurture a compassionate heart. Reach for the stars - and at the same time care for those around us. We are all on this spinning blue globe together, a pinpoint in the vastness. We should be that change we wish to see in the world.

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